Dominique Falla

Since completing her degree in graphic design from Swinburne University in 1991, Dominique Falla has worked as a freelance illustrator and designer. Her illustrations and books have won awards in Australia and overseas, in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional illustration and design categories.

Dominique convenes the graphic design program at Griffith University on Australia’s Gold Coast and is currently studying for her Doctorate in Visual Arts (DVA), specialising in Tactile Typography.


Heather Faulkner

Heather Faulkner specializes in news photography and how images are communicated through print and electronic mediums. She is particularly interested in Australian photojournalism, new media and media ethics. She is a practicing photojournalist and former picture editor (The Prague Post, Czech Republic) and her work has involved stories from Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Jack Picone

Jack Picone is an Australian born photographer. Over the last fifteen years his images have featured regularly in most international magazines and newspapers Worldwide:his clients include Time, Newsweek, life, Liberation, Der Spiegel, Stern, L’Express, Tempo, Granta, Independent (UK) and The Observer (UK). Jack’s work is enormously diverse, characterized by insights that come from a non-intrusive approach and unhurried time spent with his subjects.

His portfolio includes portraits of artists and achievers, memorable war zone imagery and fascinating studies of tribal cultures. He has documented the drug culture of heroin addicts in the slums of Glasgow, the spirit of Australia’s itinerant sheep shearers, the impact of conflict on civilians and children, the ancient rituals of body scarring and stick-fighting among the Nuba people of Sudan, and the day to day life of young Australians living with HIV.


Sally Wilde

Author Sally Wilde has been writing and teaching history since the 1970s and has just published her 11th book. She is also the author of a large number of academic articles. Sally has recently retired from her academic career, although she remains an honorary research advisor at the University of Queensland.



The Argus is a digital portal to photojournalism, founded by Griffith University staff and students in 2008. The magazine is updated monthly with photographic essays, series and singles with text and video, forging the new wave of Australian photojournalism. As a Queensland College of Art initiative, editorial and publication roles are met by an annual flux of new students. With a photographic focus from contributors and editors alike, the team works alongside renowned photojournalists, Heather Faulkner, Jack Picone and Margaret Waller to ensure a rich visual insight to global affairs. This year, the Argus has featured the rare and compelling work of guest photojournalists for each issue.